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Of course, if there are signs of a false croup should immediately call an ambulance

Shows antibacterial

Treatment In case of suspected meningococcal infection, all children are hospitalized in a specialized department.Shows antibacterial therapy, in which the drug of choice is penicillin G.In age he entered a dose 6 times a day, if severe can distribute the daily dose by 12-fold reception (every 2 hours).May also be used following drugs: chloramphenicol, ampicillin, ampioks, cephalosporins.Detoxification therapy intravenously held the following drugs: glucose, rheopolyglucin, gemodezu etc.Dehydration is carried out by using diuretics, 10-20% albumin solution.Essential vitamin, including vitamins B and C.Hormone therapy is indicated.When менингококковыделительстве prescribe antibiotics, nasal lavage with antiseptic solutions, physiotherapy, sanitation chronic foci of infection.Prevention.Characteristics of drugs registered in Russia, for the prevention of meningococcal disease Meningococcal vaccine A and A + C, Russia; Meningococcal A + C company Aventis Pasteur, France.

This week may inexplicably

chapter 18).Experimenting with new combinations of fresh, whole foods If your baby does not want to eat vegetables Tastes of children of this age are not completely predictable.this week may inexplicably him to abandon tsya.Year-old child can and then once with aversion to throw it across the table.And some kids refuse to eat any vegetables for several weeks in a row.As many parents know, you may be concerned that your child is not receives the necessary nutrients.But if you require a determined kid, it can only to worsen the situation.Even with the most well- with him for the privilege of owning a casting vote.Children at this age tend to new discoveries and independence, so your little one who wants more and more independence, will often persist in those issues that seem the most important.

4 line - clapping. 5-6 lines

Dairy often

IgA in humans.Perhaps that is why food allergy is compounded in those periods when a person is in a strong GSI stress.No matter caused if your child has symptoms of this food allergy, or manifestations of food hypersensitivity another kind of child's diet is necessary to exclude products that cause such a reaction.To start build its power based on the "Four new food groups," avoiding those products that according to your observations of the child's cause unwanted effects.If the allergy is still not passed, then try to exclude those products about which's known to cause allergic reactions in others.Dairy often become a cause of increased sensitivity of any kind of food, which is to be described hereinafter in more detail.Problem creates a milk protein rather than fat, so fat dairy products will not help in this situation.

On the outside

The rear surface of the tibia: a general upward stroke from the heel to the popliteal fossa, rubbing differentiated - outer part of the tibia (the outer head of the gastrocnemius muscle) pounded softly, inner surface (inner head) - more intensively.Times Minani one or two hands across muscle group.According to the internal surface of it - light percussion techniques.On the outside - vibration, stretching.In the end - required stroking.Area of the knee joint - Correction: stroking the side surfaces of the joint, rubbing them, pressing on the inner ­ - surface (internal femoral condyle).

So that the child

One important factor in the care of premature baby is the right nutrition, including all the necessary material for its development

Head straight

"Trumpeter" Child stands or sits, arms bent, hands clenched, as if Refrain Vai pipe.Says: Tru-ru-ru, bu-bu-bu! Podudim his trumpet."Pod shoulder" Child standing, feet slightly apart, arms down.Turns head to the right and making a lip tube, blowing on his shoulder.Head straight - inhale nose.Head to the left - exhale.Head straight - breath.Pod shoulder, hearth to another.On the sun is hot Sunshine day sometimes.Lowers his head, chin touching your chest, again makes calm tion exhale.Head straight - inhale nose.Raises his face up - exhale through the mouth, folded tube.Pod on his stomach, the tube will be mouth.And now, at the clouds and stop now."Blow on a dandelion" Toddler standing or sitting.Takes a deep breath nose, then - long exhalation, as if to blow off the dandelion fluff .Blow on a dandelion, blowing How this boy.

You simply set the rules

The dissimilarity in temperament is not so unusual, but may moderate terribly upset parents

C o s l e e T otal

C o s l e e T otal a d e l a s t n e i s about l to about g l y b o k and h in Y ie in and on to a t w i l t s m o to r on t y in b and n to y ( in a e g of 3-5 m l) with t and p and I with n s e d o n y with a and t s p o n a d a n and I in n e e a l u n s.EXAMPLE and d e p w and a and I b and n to have with n and h y, z and to r s t s e e and o t e a s t a l and W o r a t o r and w .Taking sputum Mycobacterium tuberculosis Tech taking sputum Mycobacterium tuberculosis: p r o d o t o s t a and n on a d y y; and n to a n y n e n e o b x of q and m of p and s with a s and a t s p e b e n to have about t e x and n to e with d and h and m about to p t o s , d l i h e r o b o b i a n and t s e m y , h t o in 8 hours and with about a y t r a o n d o w l e n n o h and with t and t s s u b s and t and u t e l s n o p r o p o l o a a a t s p o t in on of th e n e s l o h e r o d e l a tin g n e i s about l to about g l y b o k and h in Y ie in and on to a t w i l t s m about to have Sirota in b a n k y (in a g e of 3-5 m l) and h as a p s t s e e ; e with l and p e b e n o to in s d e l e t i m about to have Sirota in n e d o s t a t o h n o m to about l and h e s t a e a m e e m o n o f a b o r a t and s in t h e n e 3 - x with y t o k; n and p and a corollary of a n and m about to p t s o n e a a e a n B and K (b and c and l l s C o x a) COROLLARY y e r fo r with W o r a m about to Sirota s use a sterile container.

With concern

Administered vitamins C, B, PP.Appointed antacids 2-4 week 30-40 minutes after meals and at night sleep.In the presence of pain appoint Almagelum A.With increased activity pepsinogenov Aluminium phosphate gel used.When the pain effectively use antispasmodic means (Nospanum, papaverine) and preparations of belladonna (Bellaspon, beloid).In the presence of nausea and vomiting Cerucalum administered, raglan at 0.5-1.0 mg / kg per day, before meals.To activate the regenerative processes in the mucosa appoint gastrofarm.With concern to the child, pronounced emotional lability in the treatment administered sedatives (bromine, valerian), and tranquilizers.When expressed pain syndrome carried physiotherapy - Electrophoresis magnesium sulfate platifillina, novocaine on the epigastric region.As subsiding exacerbation - paraffin bath.Gastritis flowing with reduced secretory function, appointed agents, stimulating the secretion of gastric glands (plantaglyutsid, plantain juice).

They are made directly

Put a large plastic ball in the foot end of the crib - let the kid kicks his legs ."Moving Steps" are recommended for children older than months (COH ­ - yes disappears physiological flexor hypertonicity feet).More earlier version of this exercise - "stomping" feet bent legs on a table surface (see page ).: Swinging on the ball with training for the foothold stop focusing "Trampling" Ball Useful exercise in the bathtub with warm water.They are made directly tively while bathing baby.Child support in the vertical position, fixing his chest with both hands back and front.Put the baby on the bottom of the tub, and shifting his weight from one foot to the other, incentives liruyte stepping .


Vaccination of contacts In outbreaks of generalized infection for children up to 7 years no later than 7 days after exposure to normal human immunoglobulin administered a single dose of 1.5 ml (for children up to 2 years), and 3.0 mL (over 2 years).Carriers subject to ampicillin chemoprophylaxis for 4 days, and in closed collectives adult-rifampicin.Measures in the hearth Rigorous disinfection in the outbreak: airing, wet cleaning, kvartsevanie premises.Superimposed on the hearth quarantine for 10 days after the conclusion of a patient.Children who have been in contact, subject to daily monitoring with a thermometer, 2 times a day, by inspection of the mucous membranes, doubling bacteriological study at intervals of 3-7 days (swab from the throat and nose for meningococcus).When you are in contact catarrhal symptoms they are isolated and re-conduct bacteriological examination.

In the next

Translated into mixed and artificial feeding of preterm infants is gradual.In the first 2-3 days the number of infant formula is 1 / W, and the total volume of food distributed to two or three feeding combined with maternal or donor milk.In the next 2-3 days of the mixture is increased to 1/2kolichestva daily diet, accounting for 1-2 fully feeding.By the end of the first week of the amount of food is 1/2ratsiona child.In the following days, if necessary, there is a complete replacement feeding.As milk substitutes are only adapted formulas.In very preterm infants begin feeding with parenteral nutrition, enteral gradually replacing it.In the absence of sucking and swallowing reflexes nutrition through a nasogastric tube.

Usually affects one testicle, but can be observed

When examining physician determined meningeal symptoms.Diagnosis is based on the study of cerebrospinal fluid.Orchitis (testicular inflammation) develops predominantly in prepubertal boys and adult period.It occurs mainly 5-8 days from the onset, but sometimes later, and can occur without visible lesions of the salivary glands.At the same time there is an increase in body temperature to 38-39 ° C, chills, malaise, abdominal pain, extending into the scrotum and testicle.Usually affects one testicle, but can be observed and bilateral disease.The affected testicle becomes thick and swollen, the skin over it blushes.

Send it to bake in the oven

In refractory shape (10 x 20 cm) nonstick or oiled, lay evenly cooked mass.Send it to bake in the oven for 1 hour.In one piece: 100 calories, 3 g protein, 22 g carbohydrates, 1 g fat, 2 g fiber, 186 mg sodium, calories and prot - 12% carbohydrate calories - 12% fat calories - 6% PASTRY pumpkin and raisins (10-12 pcs.) 2 cups whole wheat flour X 1g cup sugar 1 t.teaspoon baking powder 1g h.baking soda 1g h.teaspoon salt h.tablespoons cinnamon X U h.spoons of nutmeg chopped 1 can of pumpkin (400 g) X 1g cup water 1 g cup raisins vegetable oil Preheat oven to 200 ° C.

Monocytes are formed

Decrease in absolute lymphocyte count below 1.0 x 10 / L m p and m e to o rt and about with t e r o and d o c.I t w e l o p e in and have a n o s e a b o l e a n e; s l o a a h e s t a n e n s e n o in on of b p and s on in and n and I ; in to r and s h n e and m m u n n s e e p and q and t s; p h o n e h a i n e d o s t a t o h n o s t s; • circulatory failure.Monocytes are formed in the bone marrow and are mononuclear phagocytic system.They are removed from the body dying cells, disrupted cells residues denatured protein, bacteria, antigen-antibody complexes.Additionally, play an important role in the immune response of cells by interacting with the lymphocytes.Clinical diagnostic value Monocytosis> 0.8 x 10 / L b a c t e r A L n and n s e f e c u and u (t u b e r a l e r y, c and f and l and b p y n e l l e s , e n d o to p and q and r, r and p s and p a r a t f s); p e r and d a s e s o p o s s n y p l e of a o s t p u t a s t o o n i and d; s and W o l e a n i s a s a n n e s p r o s t e d w and m and; in about with n and l and m o m e n s e r f a to n and u; x and p y p g and h e s a and e in th e w a t e l Proof and; to o l l a r e n o r s; l e d s h o to: m o n o n and m and p n s th and and m e l o m o n o n and m and p n s th e l y to about h p r e l e m e to th I M o n o n and t on n e n and i

Undoubted hereditary

Antirecurrent courses are recommended two times a year (fall and spring).Recommended dieting with the exception of fatty foods, irritating spices, smoked meats, muffins, cabbage, beets, onions.Biliary dyskinesia Biliary dyskinesia - upset tone of the gallbladder and bile ducts, bile diversion manifest violation of the duodenum.dyskinesia main symptom is the appearance of pain in the right upper quadrant.The main causes of biliary dyskinesia are dietary errors, sedentary lifestyle, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous disorders, intense mental stress, helminth infestations, intestinal giardiasis.Undoubted hereditary predisposition.The clinical picture There are two main forms of dyskinesia: hypertonic and hypotonic.

"Look back" Stand

Right, left hands gliding, back and forth can not cant.It's very simple - you shook pump."Look back" Stand straight with legs apart wider than your shoulders, hands down.Rotate vatsya right and left, waving his arms freely."Lean to the cube" A child stands with his legs apart, in the lowered hands holding a cube.Leans over and puts a cube side of the right leg.Straightens his arms.Then bends, takes the dice and upright, transfer it imposes in the other hand.Just leans to the other leg."Pinholes firewood" Kid standing with his legs apart, hands joined in the bottom for " mock ".Raises his hands up and down with the slope fast.Times - wood, Two - firewood.

"I hear you" When

When the next time your child nagging voice, showing readiness at any moment to put away a tear, will appeal to you with any request, calmly tell him, "I'll give you what you want, if you ask a normal tone

* Walking on the bench

"Doggie" Child walks on all fours around the room, imitating the dog."Steer" Kid walks on all fours, turning his head to the right and Nala in.When walking sound drawl says "moo-moo", imitating bodayusche Musya Bullhead."Goat" Move around the floor on all fours small jumps, undermining zhaya kid and saying "blah blah-".Walking on all fours, but the bench Walk on all fours on a gymnastic bench, keeping the balance."Podskachila as Bunny" Child gets on all fours on the bench.Interchanges at the same same time his hands forward and tightens legs jump.* Walking on the bench "Pass between steps " Place the ladder on the floor and ask the child to go on Thursdays Renko inside her, stepping over the step."Pass the stairs" Encourage your child to go on a ladder lying on the floor, leaning his arms and legs on the stairs.Game "Say hello to Zaikov" Place the middle of the room chair (stool, low Journal tion table), at a distance of - m - another chair on which plant toy rabbit (bear doll .

From other more

This does not prevent them to quickly get up and continue running.From other more developed climbing movements - child easily on flights zaet through various objects, crawling under them.Toddlers begin to climb up the hill and down with her.When lifting the child gently leans forward on the descent - back.To successfully move on any terrain, the child must learn to move your center cha tin depending on the angle of any surface.Children two years and older gradually handle throwing.Initially, they repel objects wrists, then formed with the right skill swing turning torso to the side throwing hand, developing etsya push a certain strength.

- The protein in cow's milk

All family members will receive from this same benefit as their baby, and for the younger members of the family they will be a good example to follow.path to adulthood.Captivates children taste new products and they like that they can now have their own.And it will become a more in-depth study BAD POINTS COW MILK Cow's milk protein - It was revealed that cow's milk protein is directly related with insulin-dependent form of diabetes.- The protein in cow's milk usually provokes impact penetration of food allergy in children.Fat cow's milk Milk sugar Low iron content Harmful substances Insulin-like growth factor -1 Cow's milk contains a lot of saturated fat (except products of nyatogo with milk) and cholesterol, which promotes the development of cardiovascular ­ Many older children, especially Asian or African descent organisms m not able to digest the sugar found in cow's milk, t.

For a short period, but this

Harm caused by eating disorders Here are some of the health problems that occur as a result of malnutrition and physical activity.for a short period, but this method will start a series of problems.In a man who deliberately restricts itself to food, attention inevitably will focus on the food.Ultimately, your willpower will not stand, and you will begin to be overeating, feel guilty because of this, again typed former weight, and then completely lose heart.Whether you like it or not, but given When you deprive your body of food, it starts persistently insist on it.Therefore, the natural biological consequence of food restrictions is overeating, which in this case is not due to a lack of willpower.effects: weakness, inability to rise, strong lack of nutritious substances, irregular heartbeat, weakening of the heart and other organs, premature bone loss, hair loss, dry, covered with stains, leather; dest unilateral, insomnia, and even death.

Most importantly

Always, as soon as you notice that your child's grip weakened or that the expression of joy on his face was replaced by concern catch to lower it.Each exercise is not more than a minute.However, for a minute you can seven or eight times to raise it.One to two weeks lift the child up and up, so that he began to keep part of its own weight.Most importantly - do not forget to praise loudly and joyfully kid whenever he grabs and releases.Foot Massage I.n.the same as for a hand massage (see ).Right foot with your right hand hold the child, left - left.Stroking held on the outer surface of the posterior-to-feet on Stroking feet.time Stroking feet.II point rule from the foot to the thigh, avoiding the patella, and not touching the front of the leg.At the end of the movement goes hand kpc mong to the inguinal crease ( , ).

With age, the size

From the age of 7 in a quiet position, the lower edge is not palpable, and the midline should not go beyond the upper third of the distance from the navel to the xiphoid process.Basic functional unit of the liver on microscopic examination is a slice.Although the formation of lobules occurs during the embryonic period of development, but their final differentiation is completed only in the postnatal period (around the end of the first month of life).Gall bladder in infants, usually hidden by the liver, which makes it difficult determination during palpation (palpation).It is cylindrical or pear-shaped.With age, the size of the gallbladder increases.The length of the cystic duct in newborns varies greatly, and it is usually longer than the common bile duct.

Called reflex

In the future, children rely on MY ryamlennye hands, lifting the trunk.Proper grabbing toys Teach your child to stand and then to crawl on all fours - it's a great workout for the foothold hands.Proper support at crawling Several special exercises Baby keep on weight, left hand supporting him under his belly, right hand - the legs (on "fork").Adult slightly podbrasy Vaeth child left hand over the table (chair), which bears the pain Shaya soft toy or a large ball.Called reflex reliance on toy - come forward pulling hands and disclosure of brushes and fingers.Supporting the child in the chest and legs below closer to the support, put the brush on the support and pulled the child back to her - brush disclosed (fingers divorced) .

Jumped Skokie, jumped

He turns on his back and stretches.Legs will raise, and lift.Raises the straightened leg.We turn on the stomach and in the (child's name) Turn around.Kid gets.Game "Baba sowed peas" All movements of the child accompanied by verses: Baba sowed peas.jumped Skokie, jumped Skokie.Kid walks around the room, leaning forward slightly and waving, then bounces.Collapsed ceiling.jumped Skokie, jumped Skokie.Raises his hands and puts his hands on his head.Baba walked, walked, walked, patty found.') He walks across the room, then leans over and fingers concerns sex.Village, ate and went again.Baby squats and pretends to eat pie.By ­ that arise.Baba stood on the toe, And then - on the heel.Became Russian dance, And then - squatting.Kid puts foot on the toe, the heel, then dances as he can.Playing "Catch a mosquito" By this game you have to prepare: Take a thin twig snap to it with a paper rope "mosquito".

Tell me, what is the magic

Constantly experience feelings of inferiority are often an obstacle to success in life, such people are kept in the shade, consider themselves to be misunderstood

Like it or not, but in snacking

Quantity: 1 medium fruit values 1g cup chopped fruit X Y cups suhofruk Comrade, U fruit juice cup.Adapted edition Dietary guidelines for vegetarian Virginia Messina and Mark Messina (Gaithersburg, Md.: Aspen, 1996).Nutrition Snacking habits wholesome food In families where parents are very busy, do not always work out every day to arrange 3 meals healthy food.Like it or not, but in snacking in which the object study were 10 000 children.The results showed that 2 times today more children, compared with a period of 20 years old, consuming products for light snacks such as biscuits, popcorn, pretzels and chips.

Fully Imovax - inactivated

Prophylaxis Characteristics of drugs registered in Russia, to prevent polio OPV contains attenuated (weakened) strains of poliovirus type 3.Fully Sabin Vero - live vaccine, the vaccine contains three virus types, 5 mg of human albumin, magnesium chloride.Fully Imovax - inactivated vaccine (IPV) contains viruses of all types.Tetrakok - vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and polio which includes IPV.Terms vaccination dose and method of administration Oral polio vaccination types 1, 2, 3 (OPV) vaccine start with 3 months of age three times at intervals of 4-6 weeks with a booster at 18 and 20 months.The dose of OPV is 2 or 4 drops of the vaccine to the reception (if the vial contains 10 doses, then 2 drops if the vial contains 20 doses, then 4 drops).

Details about

Also, if you just notice that the child has a food allergy or hypersensitivity to food and, possibly eliminated from the diet food allergens, the development of and training in your child will be qualitatively better.Details about the "Four new food groups "and about what a child will bring enormous benefits this system supply, discussed in chapter Hyperactivity: charging him kakih-nibud perform household chores, exercise interesting projects that will help him learn to focus attention.Suggest p ebenku small task that he can quickly perform If your child agrees, then you can resort to specialist consultations and exchange rates to adjust behavior.

To all of these

can not calm down.Baby's skin reddens.A baby is very thirsty.To all of these symptoms disappeared, simply remove the causes ne superheating: reduce body temperature using drench or antipyretics, turn off heaters or air in the room, remove the baby warm clothes to give to drink, to put in a water bath at 2 ° C body temperature, etc

Do not give

C o u A L n o b s-t about to s e f a c t o r s.Supplementary feeding to use the same mixture as in artificial feeding.For the preservation and maintenance of lactation in mothers suitably given supplementation after breastfeeding.Do not give supplementary feeding from a bottle, as this may lead to a denial of the breast due to the sucking mechanism easier.It is best to carry out supplementary feeding spoon or hole nipples make a very small hole.Lure and appointment with artificial vitamins and mixed feeding are produced in the same terms as in the natural.

A nursing

Or until feed your baby sips a little water from a glass.Better that the water was not hot, since the awkward movement you can scald a child.A nursing mother can drink baiting ITATION teas, as well as coffee and tea without caffeine, since they are harmless to infants.However, some mothers find that after they drink coffee, their kids become nervous (sm."How to prevent colic "on page.34).As alcohol um transition in breast milk, the lactating mothers is better to avoid its consumption.Food based on a variety of vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes with the addition of a source of vitamin Bi 2 fully satisfy the needs of your body and provide you with good her health.

Child should

In this case, the correct position and help the baby while feeding

Facial muscles they

Premature babies can not cry, only weak squeak

Duodenal intubation

Duodenal intubation This sensing is an introduction of the probe into the duodenum to get its contents, allowing to correctly diagnose diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract, pancreas and duodenum.Duodenal intubation and used for therapeutic purposes (to drain bile reduced gallbladder motor function).Organs and urinary excretion of urine formation The main functions of the kidneys include: p e r l y i ts and I'm about to t and a in n e c l e t h o n o f th e to o and s t u and k and l on a t n o n-o with about in n otal with about a ton of I n and I o p r a n s m a; about e b e h a n n e s a e e a n y and z on p r a n s m a t o to c and h e i s and x in e o f s t in and l and p r o d u c t o a m e t a b o l and s and m, p l e d o w n, and x and y e a l e n th.

Currently only used

).In frail children with comorbidities, it is advisable to apply immunomodulators.Prophylaxis The level of hepatitis B virus carriers in Russia is about 5-8%.Up to 70-80% of infants of carrier mothers become infected during delivery, is extremely high probability of infection in the feeding period and in close contact.The newborn hepatitis B in 90% of cases takes a chronic course, with the infection in the first year of life - 50% in adults - in 5-10% of cases.These studies indicate the need for vaccination of very young children.Currently only used genetically engineered (artificial) vaccine, adsorbed on aluminum hydroxide, used as a preservative thimerosal.There vaccine Engerix B and H - B - Vax ® - ll without thimerosal, which rarely causes an allergic reaction in debilitated children.Registered in Russia following vaccine preparations and immunoglobulins against hepatitis B: Hepatitis B vaccine is a recombinant yeast liquid.

Thus, the cause

For example, when removed from the diet of refined sugar in the form of sweets and fizzy drinks instead of them people will consume more useful products with a sweet taste, such as fruits and fruit juices.Thus, the cause of improving the child's behavior and improve learning ability, perhaps not so much was the exception of Mr.Zion refined sugar as the inclusion in the diet of healthy foods that are rich in nutrients.Probably the most popular is the theory of Dr.Ben Feingold, who believed that behavioral disorders in children can be treated with the deletion of x and diet synthetic dyes and fragrances, as well as some fruits and vegetables, which contain salicylic acid.The first scientific experiments of Dr.Feingold , due to changes in the diet in about s of children suffering from hyperactivity, improved state yanie.


The main reason it is commonly regarded as congenital hypoplasia sternocleidomastoid muscle, injured her during labor and birth trauma of the cervical spine.Sternocleidomastoid muscle steam room, located on the bo lateral surface of the neck.With the reduction of the right muscle head tilt nyaetsya right, and his face is turned to the left, with the reduction of the left - on the contrary.If simultaneously reduced both muscles, the head requests kidyvaetsya ago and several advances.Thus, if one-sided muscular torticollis head child Single tilted toward the affected muscle and rotated in the opposite tion.

He saw an ice cream


Its winner gets

If you lead a healthy lifestyle, then your body will be healthy and beautiful.Your child develops correctly, if enough time during the day products A result of this would be "obvious".Constantly maintaining the body in good shape, your child will always be active, energetic, and fully realize their spine is feasible in life.Healthy, trained, rested body is good health and success in all endeavors.Its winner gets a lot of advantages, he will be prepared to address problems that may arise in his life.The importance of maintaining WEIGHT A PERFECT HEALTH People who have a lifelong ideal weight is saved, much less at risk of developing chronic diseases and tend to live longer than those who are overweight.Factors that trigger the emergence of e overweight (a sedentary lifestyle and a diet high in fat), are also a cause of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and certain cancers.

3-4 days introduced

In the early days of the disease in the diet is recommended to inject a mixture of dairy, vegetable soups meat broth.3-4 days introduced meat low-fat varieties, cottage cheese.By the 5-7th day of the treatment volume and composition of food must comply with the age norm with the exception of products that enhance the fermentation and intestinal motility (whole milk, black bread), as well as foods that cause allergic reactions.Antibiotic therapy is prescribed course of 5-7 days.Older children and moderate forms of diseases appointed drugs nitrofuran series (furazolidone, ftalazol, ertsefuril) or sulfa drugs (Bactrim and others).Good effect the appointment of enzyme preparations (hydrochloric acid with pepsin, pancreatin, abomin, festal, panzinorm, mezim forte).

Duration of diabetes

Accumulation while in the blood exchange intermediates of higher fatty acids: acetone, p * - hydroxybutyric and acetoacetic acid - can cause the development of ketoacidosis, sometimes leading to the emergence of ketoatsidoticheskaya coma.Report proteometabolism shown in inhibiting protein production, which leads to the formation of venous ulcers.Duration of diabetes contributes to the development of severe vascular changes (angiopathy), which is manifested vascular lesions of the retina (retinopathy), kidney (nephropathy), causes the progression of atherosclerosis, increases the risk of myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accidents, gangrene of the lower extremities.Isolated primary or true, diabetes associated with direct defeat p * - pancreatic cells, and secondary or symptomatic, which is caused by dysfunction of other endocrine glands (eg, hyperactivity of the pituitary, adrenal cortex, thyroid).

A very important

Massage and gymnastics at an early age, swimming significantly strengthen and develop all organs and systems, improve the metabolism ve substances, enhance the body's defenses child.Such children rarely get sick and are well prepared for the upcoming load on the foot.A very important step - getting out of baby's feet and the first steps.Waiting for it with obvious impatience, many parents try to speed things up.Take your time, let your baby crawls up until not get up on their own.Crawl - a very useful skill to strengthen the muscles of the body.

In povsed day life, he does

With family and friends Sergey support smooth relations

Genetics gives

And, unfortunately, children with obesity is an additional risk of ailments even when they are at the end of the day, unable to lose weight.What would be the weight of the child, to a large extent def edelyaetsya its genetic heredity and environment in which it grows.Genetics gives us one way or another color of hair or eyes, but when it comes to the size and volume of the body, even she is not able to compete with the way of life that we choose.Doctors recognize that the atmosphere in which the child is brought up and growing, is the main factor in whether it will be slim and fit.For example, if a family has people with diabetes type 2, developing into adulthood, the child of rity appearance in the future of this disease is increased 2-fold.


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