Facial muscles they

Facial muscles theyPremature babies can not cry, only weak squeak. Facial muscles they Nep roizvolno reduced, even when they are asleep. Central nervous system premature baby tion underdeveloped, arm and leg movements are sluggish, slow. Fingernails and but gah not reach the edges of the fingers. Umbilical cord in preterm infants is not the middle of the abdomen not, below, next to the pubis.

Internal organs are underdeveloped premature baby, function poorly. Di damping surface, irregular, it is almost inaudible. Читать полностью -->

Duodenal intubation

Duodenal intubation Duodenal intubation This sensing is an introduction of the probe into the duodenum to get its contents, allowing to correctly diagnose diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract, pancreas and duodenum.

Duodenal intubation and used for therapeutic purposes (to drain bile reduced gallbladder motor function).

Organs and urinary excretion of urine formation The main functions of the kidneys include: p e r l y i ts and I'm about to t and a in n e c l e t h o n o f th e to o and s t u and k and l on a t n o n-o with about in n otal with about a ton of I n and I o p r a n s m a; about e b e h a n n e s a e e a n y and z on p r a n s m a t o to c and h e i s and x in e o f s t in and l and p r o d u c t o a m e t a b o l and s and m, p l e d o w n, and x and y e a l e n th.

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Currently only used

Currently only used).

In frail children with comorbidities, it is advisable to apply immunomodulators.

Prophylaxis The level of hepatitis B virus carriers in Russia is about 5-8%.

Up to 70-80% of infants of carrier mothers become infected during delivery, is extremely high probability of infection in the feeding period and in close contact.

The newborn hepatitis B in 90% of cases takes a chronic course, with the infection in the first year of life - 50% in adults - in 5-10% of cases.

These studies indicate the need for vaccination of very young children.

Currently only used genetically engineered (artificial) vaccine, adsorbed on aluminum hydroxide, used as a preservative thimerosal.

There vaccine Engerix B and H - B - Vax ® - ll without thimerosal, which rarely causes an allergic reaction in debilitated children.

Registered in Russia following vaccine preparations and immunoglobulins against hepatitis B: Hepatitis B vaccine is a recombinant yeast liquid.

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Thus, the cause

Thus, the cause For example, when removed from the diet of refined sugar in the form of sweets and fizzy drinks instead of them people will consume more useful products with a sweet taste, such as fruits and fruit juices.

Thus, the cause of improving the child's behavior and improve learning ability, perhaps not so much was the exception of Mr.

Zion refined sugar as the inclusion in the diet of healthy foods that are rich in nutrients.

Probably the most popular is the theory of Dr.

Ben Feingold, who believed that behavioral disorders in children can be treated with the deletion of x and diet synthetic dyes and fragrances, as well as some fruits and vegetables, which contain salicylic acid.

The first scientific experiments of Dr.

Feingold , due to changes in the diet in about s of children suffering from hyperactivity, improved state yanie.

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Sternocleidomastoid The main reason it is commonly regarded as congenital hypoplasia sternocleidomastoid muscle, injured her during labor and birth trauma of the cervical spine.

Sternocleidomastoid muscle steam room, located on the bo lateral surface of the neck.

With the reduction of the right muscle head tilt nyaetsya right, and his face is turned to the left, with the reduction of the left - on the contrary.

If simultaneously reduced both muscles, the head requests kidyvaetsya ago and several advances.

Thus, if one-sided muscular torticollis head child Single tilted toward the affected muscle and rotated in the opposite tion.

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He saw an ice cream


. No, now!

The nervous system of the parents is severely tested when a child suddenly begins to scream hysterically, "No, I want now! '. Naturally, it's easier to go at it on occasion, but then you run the risk of the baby to teach how to achieve a similar goal. He saw an ice cream kiosk and immediately announced his desire. Try to divert his attention to themselves and to explain that "not now" - means "maybe later." Tell him: "If you're going to be good before dinner, you'll get ice cream," or "If you ask a normal tone of voice, my" no "will change to" yes. "

But if "no" - still "no", say firmly and clearly: "You can not always get what you want", "We currently do not have the money," "This game is for older people" or "We only had lunch and did not go to McDonald's. Читать полностью -->

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