Fully Imovax - inactivated

Fully Imovax - inactivated Prophylaxis Characteristics of drugs registered in Russia, to prevent polio OPV contains attenuated (weakened) strains of poliovirus type 3.

Fully Sabin Vero - live vaccine, the vaccine contains three virus types, 5 mg of human albumin, magnesium chloride.

Fully Imovax - inactivated vaccine (IPV) contains viruses of all types.

Tetrakok - vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and polio which includes IPV.

Terms vaccination dose and method of administration Oral polio vaccination types 1, 2, 3 (OPV) vaccine start with 3 months of age three times at intervals of 4-6 weeks with a booster at 18 and 20 months.

The dose of OPV is 2 or 4 drops of the vaccine to the reception (if the vial contains 10 doses, then 2 drops if the vial contains 20 doses, then 4 drops).

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Details about

Details about Also, if you just notice that the child has a food allergy or hypersensitivity to food and, possibly eliminated from the diet food allergens, the development of and training in your child will be qualitatively better.

Details about the "Four new food groups "and about what a child will bring enormous benefits this system supply, discussed in chapter Hyperactivity: charging him kakih-nibud perform household chores, exercise interesting projects that will help him learn to focus attention.

Suggest p ebenku small task that he can quickly perform If your child agrees, then you can resort to specialist consultations and exchange rates to adjust behavior.

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To all of these

To all of thesecan not calm down.

Baby's skin reddens.

A baby is very thirsty.

To all of these symptoms disappeared, simply remove the causes ne superheating: reduce body temperature using drench or antipyretics, turn off heaters or air in the room, remove the baby warm clothes to give to drink, to put in a water bath at 2 ° C body temperature, etc. If the above mentioned measures are not taken in time, the child's condition may deteriorate.

In folk medicine, the nicest antipyretics considered ordinary raspberry, dandelion and red currant. Wounds and injuries

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Do not give

Do not give C o u A L n o b s-t about to s e f a c t o r s.

Supplementary feeding to use the same mixture as in artificial feeding.

For the preservation and maintenance of lactation in mothers suitably given supplementation after breastfeeding.

Do not give supplementary feeding from a bottle, as this may lead to a denial of the breast due to the sucking mechanism easier.

It is best to carry out supplementary feeding spoon or hole nipples make a very small hole.

Lure and appointment with artificial vitamins and mixed feeding are produced in the same terms as in the natural.

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A nursing

A nursing Or until feed your baby sips a little water from a glass.

Better that the water was not hot, since the awkward movement you can scald a child.

A nursing mother can drink baiting ITATION teas, as well as coffee and tea without caffeine, since they are harmless to infants.

However, some mothers find that after they drink coffee, their kids become nervous (sm.

"How to prevent colic "on page.


As alcohol um transition in breast milk, the lactating mothers is better to avoid its consumption.

Food based on a variety of vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes with the addition of a source of vitamin Bi 2 fully satisfy the needs of your body and provide you with good her health.

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Child should

Child shouldIn this case, the correct position and help the baby while feeding. Did you have some time to feed the baby sitting in the position under his arm, as in this position you will operate two hands: one applying chest, the other holding his head and presses those child to his side.

Retrain the child is difficult, however once stood on Fixed line of his behavior, you do not have to fold it. It is unacceptable to allow the child to take the breast, as before, even if he was crying at the same time. Child should understand that there are things that a mother would never allow a child eventually realizes it. If you are persistent, patient and confident, you will succeed.

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