"Look back" Stand

"Look back" Stand Right, left hands gliding, back and forth can not cant.

It's very simple - you shook pump.

"Look back" Stand straight with legs apart wider than your shoulders, hands down.

Rotate vatsya right and left, waving his arms freely.

"Lean to the cube" A child stands with his legs apart, in the lowered hands holding a cube.

Leans over and puts a cube side of the right leg.

Straightens his arms.

Then bends, takes the dice and upright, transfer it imposes in the other hand.

Just leans to the other leg.

"Pinholes firewood" Kid standing with his legs apart, hands joined in the bottom for " mock ".

Raises his hands up and down with the slope fast.

Times - wood, Two - firewood.

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"I hear you" When

"I hear you" WhenWhen the next time your child nagging voice, showing readiness at any moment to put away a tear, will appeal to you with any request, calmly tell him, "I'll give you what you want, if you ask a normal tone. From the whining I have a headache. " I got an answer whine, turn your back on him and not pay attention. After several attempts, you will hear the same request only in the more reasonable tone.

"I hear you"

When your kid wants cookies in the store and tells you about it again and again, louder and louder: "I want cookies! WANT cookies! "Let him know that you heard his displeasure, saying in response:" My mother knows what you want cookies, but we will not buy it right now. "

Receptive language skills of children have already been formed. He will hear and understand you, even if you then gain strength and zaoret: "I WANT COOKIES!".

If possible, allow him to get what you want through negotiations. Читать полностью -->

* Walking on the bench

* Walking on the bench "Doggie" Child walks on all fours around the room, imitating the dog.

"Steer" Kid walks on all fours, turning his head to the right and Nala in.

When walking sound drawl says "moo-moo", imitating bodayusche Musya Bullhead.

"Goat" Move around the floor on all fours small jumps, undermining zhaya kid and saying "blah blah-".

Walking on all fours, but the bench Walk on all fours on a gymnastic bench, keeping the balance.

"Podskachila as Bunny" Child gets on all fours on the bench.

Interchanges at the same same time his hands forward and tightens legs jump.

* Walking on the bench "Pass between steps " Place the ladder on the floor and ask the child to go on Thursdays Renko inside her, stepping over the step.

"Pass the stairs" Encourage your child to go on a ladder lying on the floor, leaning his arms and legs on the stairs.

Game "Say hello to Zaikov" Place the middle of the room chair (stool, low Journal tion table), at a distance of - m - another chair on which plant toy rabbit (bear doll .

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From other more

From other more This does not prevent them to quickly get up and continue running.

From other more developed climbing movements - child easily on flights zaet through various objects, crawling under them.

Toddlers begin to climb up the hill and down with her.

When lifting the child gently leans forward on the descent - back.

To successfully move on any terrain, the child must learn to move your center cha tin depending on the angle of any surface.

Children two years and older gradually handle throwing.

Initially, they repel objects wrists, then formed with the right skill swing turning torso to the side throwing hand, developing etsya push a certain strength.

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- The protein in cow's milk

- The protein in cow's milk All family members will receive from this same benefit as their baby, and for the younger members of the family they will be a good example to follow.

path to adulthood.

Captivates children taste new products and they like that they can now have their own.

And it will become a more in-depth study BAD POINTS COW MILK Cow's milk protein - It was revealed that cow's milk protein is directly related with insulin-dependent form of diabetes.

- The protein in cow's milk usually provokes impact penetration of food allergy in children.

Fat cow's milk Milk sugar Low iron content Harmful substances Insulin-like growth factor -1 Cow's milk contains a lot of saturated fat (except products of nyatogo with milk) and cholesterol, which promotes the development of cardiovascular ­ Many older children, especially Asian or African descent organisms m not able to digest the sugar found in cow's milk, t.

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For a short period, but this

For a short period, but this Harm caused by eating disorders Here are some of the health problems that occur as a result of malnutrition and physical activity.

for a short period, but this method will start a series of problems.

In a man who deliberately restricts itself to food, attention inevitably will focus on the food.

Ultimately, your willpower will not stand, and you will begin to be overeating, feel guilty because of this, again typed former weight, and then completely lose heart.

Whether you like it or not, but given When you deprive your body of food, it starts persistently insist on it.

Therefore, the natural biological consequence of food restrictions is overeating, which in this case is not due to a lack of willpower.

effects: weakness, inability to rise, strong lack of nutritious substances, irregular heartbeat, weakening of the heart and other organs, premature bone loss, hair loss, dry, covered with stains, leather; dest unilateral, insomnia, and even death.

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