For comparison, complete

For comparison, completeOf course, if there are signs of a false croup should immediately call an ambulance. Before the arrival of the doctor can weaken the attack: a good wrap up the baby and provide him access to fresh cool air, keep it in the bathroom, opened the shower with hot water and sodium in the sink (on which to hold the baby) packs a quarter of baking soda, then let him drink warm milk . To relieve the symptoms of croup can help children Tylenol, antibiotics are usually not prescribed.

Stridor: noisy breathing

The appearance of this symptom - a noisy, high-sounding breath, speaks of airway obstruction. For comparison, complete blocking of the airways is not breathable at all, so do not hear any sound.

Possible causes of stridor:

Croup - a viral infection that causes swelling of the trachea, barking cough, and fever.

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Shows antibacterial

Shows antibacterial Treatment In case of suspected meningococcal infection, all children are hospitalized in a specialized department.

Shows antibacterial therapy, in which the drug of choice is penicillin G.

In age he entered a dose 6 times a day, if severe can distribute the daily dose by 12-fold reception (every 2 hours).

May also be used following drugs: chloramphenicol, ampicillin, ampioks, cephalosporins.

Detoxification therapy intravenously held the following drugs: glucose, rheopolyglucin, gemodezu etc.

Dehydration is carried out by using diuretics, 10-20% albumin solution.

Essential vitamin, including vitamins B and C.

Hormone therapy is indicated.

When менингококковыделительстве prescribe antibiotics, nasal lavage with antiseptic solutions, physiotherapy, sanitation chronic foci of infection.


Characteristics of drugs registered in Russia, for the prevention of meningococcal disease Meningococcal vaccine A and A + C, Russia; Meningococcal A + C company Aventis Pasteur, France.

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This week may inexplicably

This week may inexplicably chapter 18).

Experimenting with new combinations of fresh, whole foods If your baby does not want to eat vegetables Tastes of children of this age are not completely predictable.

this week may inexplicably him to abandon tsya.

Year-old child can and then once with aversion to throw it across the table.

And some kids refuse to eat any vegetables for several weeks in a row.

As many parents know, you may be concerned that your child is not receives the necessary nutrients.

But if you require a determined kid, it can only to worsen the situation.

Even with the most well- with him for the privilege of owning a casting vote.

Children at this age tend to new discoveries and independence, so your little one who wants more and more independence, will often persist in those issues that seem the most important.

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4 line - clapping. 5-6 lines

4 line - clapping. 5-6 lines 5-6 lines - putting palm to palm, "sculpt cakes.

" As our Antoshka Bright red boots.

Leg top top! Handles clap clap! Heels one-two-three! As he dances - look! 1-2 lines - keep your hands on the belt, each leg put alternately on the tip of the thumb, then the heel.

3 line - stamped.

4 line - clapping.

5-6 lines - both clap and stomp.

Droplets, raindrops Fell on grass.

Drip-drip droplets Drip-drip small.

Children on her hands Catch these drops.

Drip-drip droplets Drip-drip small.

1-4 lines - reveal a palm pads fingers of the other hand tapping on it, simulating raindrops.

5-8 lines - do the same with the other hand.

Good morning, Marinochka! Good morning, Arina! Good morning, Olga! Good morning, Nicky! Good morning, Mom, Sweet, kind most! While reading each line fingertips of one hand massaging one finger on the other hand from the ground up tip.

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Dairy often

Dairy often IgA in humans.

Perhaps that is why food allergy is compounded in those periods when a person is in a strong GSI stress.

No matter caused if your child has symptoms of this food allergy, or manifestations of food hypersensitivity another kind of child's diet is necessary to exclude products that cause such a reaction.

To start build its power based on the "Four new food groups," avoiding those products that according to your observations of the child's cause unwanted effects.

If the allergy is still not passed, then try to exclude those products about which's known to cause allergic reactions in others.

Dairy often become a cause of increased sensitivity of any kind of food, which is to be described hereinafter in more detail.

Problem creates a milk protein rather than fat, so fat dairy products will not help in this situation.

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On the outside

On the outside The rear surface of the tibia: a general upward stroke from the heel to the popliteal fossa, rubbing differentiated - outer part of the tibia (the outer head of the gastrocnemius muscle) pounded softly, inner surface (inner head) - more intensively.

Times Minani one or two hands across muscle group.

According to the internal surface of it - light percussion techniques.

On the outside - vibration, stretching.

In the end - required stroking.

Area of the knee joint - Correction: stroking the side surfaces of the joint, rubbing them, pressing on the inner ­ - surface (internal femoral condyle).

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