A very important

A very important Massage and gymnastics at an early age, swimming significantly strengthen and develop all organs and systems, improve the metabolism ve substances, enhance the body's defenses child.

Such children rarely get sick and are well prepared for the upcoming load on the foot.

A very important step - getting out of baby's feet and the first steps.

Waiting for it with obvious impatience, many parents try to speed things up.

Take your time, let your baby crawls up until not get up on their own.

Crawl - a very useful skill to strengthen the muscles of the body.

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In povsed day life, he does

In povsed day life, he doesWith family and friends Sergey support smooth relations. With surrounding ve behaves very politely, trying not to offend them by accident. With the problems he usually consults independently, without telling anyone about them from others.

Sergey prefers to communicate with calm and gentle women. He willingly for Nima economic affairs, helping his wife. Sergey - handyman. In povsed day life, he does not seek superiority over his wife, readily concedes her leadership, however, in addressing fundamentally important for all family issues Sergey also shows perseverance in defending their point of view. Читать полностью -->

Genetics gives

Genetics gives And, unfortunately, children with obesity is an additional risk of ailments even when they are at the end of the day, unable to lose weight.

What would be the weight of the child, to a large extent def edelyaetsya its genetic heredity and environment in which it grows.

Genetics gives us one way or another color of hair or eyes, but when it comes to the size and volume of the body, even she is not able to compete with the way of life that we choose.

Doctors recognize that the atmosphere in which the child is brought up and growing, is the main factor in whether it will be slim and fit.

For example, if a family has people with diabetes type 2, developing into adulthood, the child of rity appearance in the future of this disease is increased 2-fold.

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