With age, the size

With age, the size From the age of 7 in a quiet position, the lower edge is not palpable, and the midline should not go beyond the upper third of the distance from the navel to the xiphoid process.

Basic functional unit of the liver on microscopic examination is a slice.

Although the formation of lobules occurs during the embryonic period of development, but their final differentiation is completed only in the postnatal period (around the end of the first month of life).

Gall bladder in infants, usually hidden by the liver, which makes it difficult determination during palpation (palpation).

It is cylindrical or pear-shaped.

With age, the size of the gallbladder increases.

The length of the cystic duct in newborns varies greatly, and it is usually longer than the common bile duct.

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Called reflex

Called reflex In the future, children rely on MY ryamlennye hands, lifting the trunk.

Proper grabbing toys Teach your child to stand and then to crawl on all fours - it's a great workout for the foothold hands.

Proper support at crawling Several special exercises Baby keep on weight, left hand supporting him under his belly, right hand - the legs (on "fork").

Adult slightly podbrasy Vaeth child left hand over the table (chair), which bears the pain Shaya soft toy or a large ball.

Called reflex reliance on toy - come forward pulling hands and disclosure of brushes and fingers.

Supporting the child in the chest and legs below closer to the support, put the brush on the support and pulled the child back to her - brush disclosed (fingers divorced) .

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Jumped Skokie, jumped

Jumped Skokie, jumped He turns on his back and stretches.

Legs will raise, and lift.

Raises the straightened leg.

We turn on the stomach and in the (child's name) Turn around.

Kid gets.

Game "Baba sowed peas" All movements of the child accompanied by verses: Baba sowed peas.

jumped Skokie, jumped Skokie.

Kid walks around the room, leaning forward slightly and waving, then bounces.

Collapsed ceiling.

jumped Skokie, jumped Skokie.

Raises his hands and puts his hands on his head.

Baba walked, walked, walked, patty found.

') He walks across the room, then leans over and fingers concerns sex.

Village, ate and went again.

Baby squats and pretends to eat pie.

By ­ that arise.

Baba stood on the toe, And then - on the heel.

Became Russian dance, And then - squatting.

Kid puts foot on the toe, the heel, then dances as he can.

Playing "Catch a mosquito" By this game you have to prepare: Take a thin twig snap to it with a paper rope "mosquito".

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Tell me, what is the magic

Tell me, what is the magicConstantly experience feelings of inferiority are often an obstacle to success in life, such people are kept in the shade, consider themselves to be misunderstood. Surrounding them are puffed up with pride, treat with contempt, while such behavior - just a defensive reaction from childhood.

Tender question

You should not worry about the fact that your child's behavior does not quite fit into the tender box. For example, your three year old little girl loves to play with cars or dressing up in pirate brandishing a toy gun. Simply, it is still free from any kind whatsoever stereotypes. Under no circumstances should you exert pressure on his daughter, insisting that she acted as befits a girl. Be assured that by the time when you want to go to first grade, the child will have to clearly identify themselves among the representatives of their sex.

Magic Band-Aid

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Like it or not, but in snacking

Like it or not, but in snacking Quantity: 1 medium fruit values 1g cup chopped fruit X Y cups suhofruk Comrade, U fruit juice cup.

Adapted edition Dietary guidelines for vegetarian Virginia Messina and Mark Messina (Gaithersburg, Md.

: Aspen, 1996).

Nutrition Snacking habits wholesome food In families where parents are very busy, do not always work out every day to arrange 3 meals healthy food.

Like it or not, but in snacking in which the object study were 10 000 children.

The results showed that 2 times today more children, compared with a period of 20 years old, consuming products for light snacks such as biscuits, popcorn, pretzels and chips.

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