Send it to bake in the oven

Send it to bake in the oven In refractory shape (10 x 20 cm) nonstick or oiled, lay evenly cooked mass.

Send it to bake in the oven for 1 hour.

In one piece: 100 calories, 3 g protein, 22 g carbohydrates, 1 g fat, 2 g fiber, 186 mg sodium, calories and prot - 12% carbohydrate calories - 12% fat calories - 6% PASTRY pumpkin and raisins (10-12 pcs.

) 2 cups whole wheat flour X 1g cup sugar 1 t.

teaspoon baking powder 1g h.

baking soda 1g h.

teaspoon salt h.

tablespoons cinnamon X U h.

spoons of nutmeg chopped 1 can of pumpkin (400 g) X 1g cup water 1 g cup raisins vegetable oil Preheat oven to 200 ° C.

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Monocytes are formed

Monocytes are formed Decrease in absolute lymphocyte count below 1.

0 x 10 / L m p and m e to o rt and about with t e r o and d o c.

I t w e l o p e in and have a n o s e a b o l e a n e; s l o a a h e s t a n e n s e n o in on of b p and s on in and n and I ; in to r and s h n e and m m u n n s e e p and q and t s; p h o n e h a i n e d o s t a t o h n o s t s; • circulatory failure.

Monocytes are formed in the bone marrow and are mononuclear phagocytic system.

They are removed from the body dying cells, disrupted cells residues denatured protein, bacteria, antigen-antibody complexes.

Additionally, play an important role in the immune response of cells by interacting with the lymphocytes.

Clinical diagnostic value Monocytosis> 0.

8 x 10 / L b a c t e r A L n and n s e f e c u and u (t u b e r a l e r y, c and f and l and b p y n e l l e s , e n d o to p and q and r, r and p s and p a r a t f s); p e r and d a s e s o p o s s n y p l e of a o s t p u t a s t o o n i and d; s and W o l e a n i s a s a n n e s p r o s t e d w and m and; in about with n and l and m o m e n s e r f a to n and u; x and p y p g and h e s a and e in th e w a t e l Proof and; to o l l a r e n o r s; l e d s h o to: m o n o n and m and p n s th and and m e l o m o n o n and m and p n s th e l y to about h p r e l e m e to th I M o n o n and t on n e n and i <0.

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Undoubted hereditary

Undoubted hereditary Antirecurrent courses are recommended two times a year (fall and spring).

Recommended dieting with the exception of fatty foods, irritating spices, smoked meats, muffins, cabbage, beets, onions.

Biliary dyskinesia Biliary dyskinesia - upset tone of the gallbladder and bile ducts, bile diversion manifest violation of the duodenum.

dyskinesia main symptom is the appearance of pain in the right upper quadrant.

The main causes of biliary dyskinesia are dietary errors, sedentary lifestyle, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous disorders, intense mental stress, helminth infestations, intestinal giardiasis.

Undoubted hereditary predisposition.

The clinical picture There are two main forms of dyskinesia: hypertonic and hypotonic.

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"Look back" Stand

"Look back" Stand Right, left hands gliding, back and forth can not cant.

It's very simple - you shook pump.

"Look back" Stand straight with legs apart wider than your shoulders, hands down.

Rotate vatsya right and left, waving his arms freely.

"Lean to the cube" A child stands with his legs apart, in the lowered hands holding a cube.

Leans over and puts a cube side of the right leg.

Straightens his arms.

Then bends, takes the dice and upright, transfer it imposes in the other hand.

Just leans to the other leg.

"Pinholes firewood" Kid standing with his legs apart, hands joined in the bottom for " mock ".

Raises his hands up and down with the slope fast.

Times - wood, Two - firewood.

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"I hear you" When

"I hear you" WhenWhen the next time your child nagging voice, showing readiness at any moment to put away a tear, will appeal to you with any request, calmly tell him, "I'll give you what you want, if you ask a normal tone. From the whining I have a headache. " I got an answer whine, turn your back on him and not pay attention. After several attempts, you will hear the same request only in the more reasonable tone.

"I hear you"

When your kid wants cookies in the store and tells you about it again and again, louder and louder: "I want cookies! WANT cookies! "Let him know that you heard his displeasure, saying in response:" My mother knows what you want cookies, but we will not buy it right now. "

Receptive language skills of children have already been formed. He will hear and understand you, even if you then gain strength and zaoret: "I WANT COOKIES!".

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