With concern

With concern Administered vitamins C, B, PP.

Appointed antacids 2-4 week 30-40 minutes after meals and at night sleep.

In the presence of pain appoint Almagelum A.

With increased activity pepsinogenov Aluminium phosphate gel used.

When the pain effectively use antispasmodic means (Nospanum, papaverine) and preparations of belladonna (Bellaspon, beloid).

In the presence of nausea and vomiting Cerucalum administered, raglan at 0.


0 mg / kg per day, before meals.

To activate the regenerative processes in the mucosa appoint gastrofarm.

With concern to the child, pronounced emotional lability in the treatment administered sedatives (bromine, valerian), and tranquilizers.

When expressed pain syndrome carried physiotherapy - Electrophoresis magnesium sulfate platifillina, novocaine on the epigastric region.

As subsiding exacerbation - paraffin bath.

Gastritis flowing with reduced secretory function, appointed agents, stimulating the secretion of gastric glands (plantaglyutsid, plantain juice).

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They are made directly

They are made directly Put a large plastic ball in the foot end of the crib - let the kid kicks his legs .

"Moving Steps" are recommended for children older than months (COH ­ - yes disappears physiological flexor hypertonicity feet).

More earlier version of this exercise - "stomping" feet bent legs on a table surface (see page ).

: Swinging on the ball with training for the foothold stop focusing "Trampling" Ball Useful exercise in the bathtub with warm water.

They are made directly tively while bathing baby.

Child support in the vertical position, fixing his chest with both hands back and front.

Put the baby on the bottom of the tub, and shifting his weight from one foot to the other, incentives liruyte stepping .

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Superimposed Vaccination of contacts In outbreaks of generalized infection for children up to 7 years no later than 7 days after exposure to normal human immunoglobulin administered a single dose of 1.

5 ml (for children up to 2 years), and 3.

0 mL (over 2 years).

Carriers subject to ampicillin chemoprophylaxis for 4 days, and in closed collectives adult-rifampicin.

Measures in the hearth Rigorous disinfection in the outbreak: airing, wet cleaning, kvartsevanie premises.

Superimposed on the hearth quarantine for 10 days after the conclusion of a patient.

Children who have been in contact, subject to daily monitoring with a thermometer, 2 times a day, by inspection of the mucous membranes, doubling bacteriological study at intervals of 3-7 days (swab from the throat and nose for meningococcus).

When you are in contact catarrhal symptoms they are isolated and re-conduct bacteriological examination.

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In the next

In the next Translated into mixed and artificial feeding of preterm infants is gradual.

In the first 2-3 days the number of infant formula is 1 / W, and the total volume of food distributed to two or three feeding combined with maternal or donor milk.

In the next 2-3 days of the mixture is increased to 1/2kolichestva daily diet, accounting for 1-2 fully feeding.

By the end of the first week of the amount of food is 1/2ratsiona child.

In the following days, if necessary, there is a complete replacement feeding.

As milk substitutes are only adapted formulas.

In very preterm infants begin feeding with parenteral nutrition, enteral gradually replacing it.

In the absence of sucking and swallowing reflexes nutrition through a nasogastric tube.

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Usually affects one testicle, but can be observed

Usually affects one testicle, but can be observed When examining physician determined meningeal symptoms.

Diagnosis is based on the study of cerebrospinal fluid.

Orchitis (testicular inflammation) develops predominantly in prepubertal boys and adult period.

It occurs mainly 5-8 days from the onset, but sometimes later, and can occur without visible lesions of the salivary glands.

At the same time there is an increase in body temperature to 38-39 ° C, chills, malaise, abdominal pain, extending into the scrotum and testicle.

Usually affects one testicle, but can be observed and bilateral disease.

The affected testicle becomes thick and swollen, the skin over it blushes.

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