On the outside

On the outside The rear surface of the tibia: a general upward stroke from the heel to the popliteal fossa, rubbing differentiated - outer part of the tibia (the outer head of the gastrocnemius muscle) pounded softly, inner surface (inner head) - more intensively.

Times Minani one or two hands across muscle group.

According to the internal surface of it - light percussion techniques.

On the outside - vibration, stretching.

In the end - required stroking.

Area of the knee joint - Correction: stroking the side surfaces of the joint, rubbing them, pressing on the inner ­ - surface (internal femoral condyle).

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So that the child

So that the childOne important factor in the care of premature baby is the right nutrition, including all the necessary material for its development. Best food, of course, is breast milk. If the baby can not breastfeed, mothers should express milk into the bottle and feed the baby from her.

Premature babies are very susceptible to infections, because the immune system they still extremely weak. So that the child is not sick, mothers need to mini imum limit his contact with strangers. Nursery is necessary to keep perfectly clean, diapers and other linen should be thoroughly boiled, and when even the most seemingly insignificant changes in the child's condition should immediately seek medical attention.

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Head straight

Head straight "Trumpeter" Child stands or sits, arms bent, hands clenched, as if Refrain Vai pipe.

Says: Tru-ru-ru, bu-bu-bu! Podudim his trumpet.

"Pod shoulder" Child standing, feet slightly apart, arms down.

Turns head to the right and making a lip tube, blowing on his shoulder.

Head straight - inhale nose.

Head to the left - exhale.

Head straight - breath.

Pod shoulder, hearth to another.

On the sun is hot Sunshine day sometimes.

Lowers his head, chin touching your chest, again makes calm tion exhale.

Head straight - inhale nose.

Raises his face up - exhale through the mouth, folded tube.

Pod on his stomach, the tube will be mouth.

And now, at the clouds and stop now.

"Blow on a dandelion" Toddler standing or sitting.

Takes a deep breath nose, then - long exhalation, as if to blow off the dandelion fluff .

Blow on a dandelion, blowing How this boy.

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You simply set the rules

You simply set the rulesThe dissimilarity in temperament is not so unusual, but may moderate terribly upset parents. The main feature required in this situation - it is confidence in yourself.

When you declare parental decisions, in reality, it does not mean that you are angry with your child. You simply set the rules in the first place for his safety (and your peace of mind). If you are unable to restrict the activity of the child, consult an expert.

We are all so different. Part

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C o s l e e T otal

C o s l e e T otal C o s l e e T otal a d e l a s t n e i s about l to about g l y b o k and h in Y ie in and on to a t w i l t s m o to r on t y in b and n to y ( in a e g of 3-5 m l) with t and p and I with n s e d o n y with a and t s p o n a d a n and I in n e e a l u n s.

EXAMPLE and d e p w and a and I b and n to have with n and h y, z and to r s t s e e and o t e a s t a l and W o r a t o r and w .

Taking sputum Mycobacterium tuberculosis Tech taking sputum Mycobacterium tuberculosis: p r o d o t o s t a and n on a d y y; and n to a n y n e n e o b x of q and m of p and s with a s and a t s p e b e n to have about t e x and n to e with d and h and m about to p t o s , d l i h e r o b o b i a n and t s e m y , h t o in 8 hours and with about a y t r a o n d o w l e n n o h and with t and t s s u b s and t and u t e l s n o p r o p o l o a a a t s p o t in on of th e n e s l o h e r o d e l a tin g n e i s about l to about g l y b o k and h in Y ie in and on to a t w i l t s m about to have Sirota in b a n k y (in a g e of 3-5 m l) and h as a p s t s e e ; e with l and p e b e n o to in s d e l e t i m about to have Sirota in n e d o s t a t o h n o m to about l and h e s t a e a m e e m o n o f a b o r a t and s in t h e n e 3 - x with y t o k; n and p and a corollary of a n and m about to p t s o n e a a e a n B and K (b and c and l l s C o x a) COROLLARY y e r fo r with W o r a m about to Sirota s use a sterile container.

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