4 line - clapping. 5-6 lines

4 line - clapping. 5-6 lines 5-6 lines - putting palm to palm, "sculpt cakes.

" As our Antoshka Bright red boots.

Leg top top! Handles clap clap! Heels one-two-three! As he dances - look! 1-2 lines - keep your hands on the belt, each leg put alternately on the tip of the thumb, then the heel.

3 line - stamped.

4 line - clapping.

5-6 lines - both clap and stomp.

Droplets, raindrops Fell on grass.

Drip-drip droplets Drip-drip small.

Children on her hands Catch these drops.

Drip-drip droplets Drip-drip small.

1-4 lines - reveal a palm pads fingers of the other hand tapping on it, simulating raindrops.

5-8 lines - do the same with the other hand.

Good morning, Marinochka! Good morning, Arina! Good morning, Olga! Good morning, Nicky! Good morning, Mom, Sweet, kind most! While reading each line fingertips of one hand massaging one finger on the other hand from the ground up tip.


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  • 4 line - clapping. 5-6 lines
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