With concern

With concern Administered vitamins C, B, PP.

Appointed antacids 2-4 week 30-40 minutes after meals and at night sleep.

In the presence of pain appoint Almagelum A.

With increased activity pepsinogenov Aluminium phosphate gel used.

When the pain effectively use antispasmodic means (Nospanum, papaverine) and preparations of belladonna (Bellaspon, beloid).

In the presence of nausea and vomiting Cerucalum administered, raglan at 0.


0 mg / kg per day, before meals.

To activate the regenerative processes in the mucosa appoint gastrofarm.

With concern to the child, pronounced emotional lability in the treatment administered sedatives (bromine, valerian), and tranquilizers.

When expressed pain syndrome carried physiotherapy - Electrophoresis magnesium sulfate platifillina, novocaine on the epigastric region.

As subsiding exacerbation - paraffin bath.

Gastritis flowing with reduced secretory function, appointed agents, stimulating the secretion of gastric glands (plantaglyutsid, plantain juice).


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