"I hear you" When

"I hear you" WhenWhen the next time your child nagging voice, showing readiness at any moment to put away a tear, will appeal to you with any request, calmly tell him, "I'll give you what you want, if you ask a normal tone. From the whining I have a headache. " I got an answer whine, turn your back on him and not pay attention. After several attempts, you will hear the same request only in the more reasonable tone.

"I hear you"

When your kid wants cookies in the store and tells you about it again and again, louder and louder: "I want cookies! WANT cookies! "Let him know that you heard his displeasure, saying in response:" My mother knows what you want cookies, but we will not buy it right now. "

Receptive language skills of children have already been formed. He will hear and understand you, even if you then gain strength and zaoret: "I WANT COOKIES!".

If possible, allow him to get what you want through negotiations. Remind him (he will hear, even if you do not show it), he does not have to scream, and if he calms down, will behave properly and ask differently (as he knows) may be able to earn that cookie. Appeal to the better side of nature


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