* Walking on the bench

* Walking on the bench "Doggie" Child walks on all fours around the room, imitating the dog.

"Steer" Kid walks on all fours, turning his head to the right and Nala in.

When walking sound drawl says "moo-moo", imitating bodayusche Musya Bullhead.

"Goat" Move around the floor on all fours small jumps, undermining zhaya kid and saying "blah blah-".

Walking on all fours, but the bench Walk on all fours on a gymnastic bench, keeping the balance.

"Podskachila as Bunny" Child gets on all fours on the bench.

Interchanges at the same same time his hands forward and tightens legs jump.

* Walking on the bench "Pass between steps " Place the ladder on the floor and ask the child to go on Thursdays Renko inside her, stepping over the step.

"Pass the stairs" Encourage your child to go on a ladder lying on the floor, leaning his arms and legs on the stairs.

Game "Say hello to Zaikov" Place the middle of the room chair (stool, low Journal tion table), at a distance of - m - another chair on which plant toy rabbit (bear doll .


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