Most importantly

Most importantly Always, as soon as you notice that your child's grip weakened or that the expression of joy on his face was replaced by concern catch to lower it.

Each exercise is not more than a minute.

However, for a minute you can seven or eight times to raise it.

One to two weeks lift the child up and up, so that he began to keep part of its own weight.

Most importantly - do not forget to praise loudly and joyfully kid whenever he grabs and releases.

Foot Massage I.


the same as for a hand massage (see ).

Right foot with your right hand hold the child, left - left.

Stroking held on the outer surface of the posterior-to-feet on Stroking feet.

time Stroking feet.

II point rule from the foot to the thigh, avoiding the patella, and not touching the front of the leg.

At the end of the movement goes hand kpc mong to the inguinal crease ( , ).


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