Jumped Skokie, jumped

Jumped Skokie, jumped He turns on his back and stretches.

Legs will raise, and lift.

Raises the straightened leg.

We turn on the stomach and in the (child's name) Turn around.

Kid gets.

Game "Baba sowed peas" All movements of the child accompanied by verses: Baba sowed peas.

jumped Skokie, jumped Skokie.

Kid walks around the room, leaning forward slightly and waving, then bounces.

Collapsed ceiling.

jumped Skokie, jumped Skokie.

Raises his hands and puts his hands on his head.

Baba walked, walked, walked, patty found.

') He walks across the room, then leans over and fingers concerns sex.

Village, ate and went again.

Baby squats and pretends to eat pie.

By ­ that arise.

Baba stood on the toe, And then - on the heel.

Became Russian dance, And then - squatting.

Kid puts foot on the toe, the heel, then dances as he can.

Playing "Catch a mosquito" By this game you have to prepare: Take a thin twig snap to it with a paper rope "mosquito".


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