Tell me, what is the magic

Tell me, what is the magicConstantly experience feelings of inferiority are often an obstacle to success in life, such people are kept in the shade, consider themselves to be misunderstood. Surrounding them are puffed up with pride, treat with contempt, while such behavior - just a defensive reaction from childhood.

Tender question

You should not worry about the fact that your child's behavior does not quite fit into the tender box. For example, your three year old little girl loves to play with cars or dressing up in pirate brandishing a toy gun. Simply, it is still free from any kind whatsoever stereotypes. Under no circumstances should you exert pressure on his daughter, insisting that she acted as befits a girl. Be assured that by the time when you want to go to first grade, the child will have to clearly identify themselves among the representatives of their sex.

Magic Band-Aid

Flip, many kids start to cry in a loud voice not so much from pain as from fright. If the kid does not rest for minutes, try to distract him. You will need a patch for children with color images, and even better - a couple to offer him a choice. Tell me, what is the magic patch, and once you paste it to the affected area, all at once pass. And then you can immediately continue the game to quickly erase the memory of the baby this unpleasant episode.


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