He saw an ice cream


. No, now!

The nervous system of the parents is severely tested when a child suddenly begins to scream hysterically, "No, I want now! '. Naturally, it's easier to go at it on occasion, but then you run the risk of the baby to teach how to achieve a similar goal. He saw an ice cream kiosk and immediately announced his desire. Try to divert his attention to themselves and to explain that "not now" - means "maybe later." Tell him: "If you're going to be good before dinner, you'll get ice cream," or "If you ask a normal tone of voice, my" no "will change to" yes. "

But if "no" - still "no", say firmly and clearly: "You can not always get what you want", "We currently do not have the money," "This game is for older people" or "We only had lunch and did not go to McDonald's. "


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